Epigenetics and Cancer

by Active Motif

The last decade has produced insurmountable evidence linking epigenetic modifications and cancer. During tumor initiation and progression, the epigenome goes through multiple alterations, including a genome-wide loss of DNA methylation, increases in promoter methylation of CpG islands, changes in nucleosome occupancy and shifts in modification profiles. The key concepts that have emerged from this research revolve around the contributions of three main forms of epigenetic modifications to cancer  development and prognosis — DNA methylation, histone modifications and, most recently, non-coding RNAs. 

Active Motif provides a highly innovative and comprehensive portfolio of products, including antibodies, assays and services to facilitate epigenetics research.

Analyzing the Cancer Epigenome

Tools for DNA Methylation Analysis

To accurately detect and quantify changes in DNA methylation associated with cancer, Active Motif offers a number of products specific for this area of research, including kits and antibodies that enrich for DNA fragments that contain 5-mC and 5-hmC, global methylation analysis tools and services for genome-wide methylation studies. Many of our DNA methylation antibodies have been validated for use in ChIP, methylated DNA immunoprecipitation (MeDIP) and/or immunofluorescence.  To learn more about our DNA methylation products and services, please click on the product links below:

  • Bisulfite Conversion
  • DNA Methylation Antibodies
  • DNMT Products
  • Methylated DNA Enrichment Assays
  • Global DNA Methylation Assays
  • Hydroxymethylation
  • DNA Methylation Services

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